Monday, May 31, 2010

bang it out

these images make me want to trade my grown out side swept bangs back to wispy front bangs...

to bang it out {again} or not to bang it out ... that is the question...

Images: Valentine, Zooey Deschanel, Striped Zebra, Fuji Files


  1. That's a tough one! I always want them but they take on a life of their own (going in the opposite direction I want them too!). But what the hey - they will grow back if you don't like them. Go for it!

    Thanks for stopping by Lather. Write. Repeat. Hope you come back soon!


  2. do it, they will always grow back! =)

  3. Unbelievable how well Zooey pulls off bangs! There's definitely bang envy there.

  4. yessss do it! bangs are the way to go. i love them on everyone! they make it look like your hair is alway done!
    x. alyssa

  5. I've been thinking of doing this too! I say YES!

  6. Bangin! Do it! I can live vicariously through you because I look bad with bangs!

  7. I have wispy front bangs (that are kind of falling off to one side these days) but I love them! I'm just considering whether to cut my hair short or not! :)
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  8. I did it on Thursday. I banged it out for the first time ever and I'm loving it! A whole new perspective seeing things through a fringe ;)

    xx Cristina

  9. i have been dieing to try bangs for years now...
    but i'm unsure of how they'd look with my face shape.
    i may just have to try them after summer, to avoid the sweating!

  10. shekar, you will look amazing! you are a risk taker - bangs should be a no brainer ;)