Thursday, February 24, 2011

INteriorSPIRATION: nyc edition

sometimes interior inspiration (aka INteriorSPIRATION) doesn't have to only come from lavish estates and hard to achieve images in magazines. case in point: a recent visit to nyc, where my friends quaint apartment was filled with tons of inspiring pieces that were effortlessly chic and easy to attain. some favorites included a set of nine framed wall decor in the living room that was made from none other than lace from a fabric store; gold accents such as an ornate mirror and coat hanger with a turquoise painted backdrop; a flowery pillow that embodied femininity and looked perfect in front of the brick wall; as well as a chic take on a cork board - 4 pieces brought together and home to inspiring images & quotes, photos, schedules, and reminders. looks like i just might be adding a few of these images to my vision board...

Friday, February 18, 2011

weekend wonder words

Friday, February 11, 2011

crafted by taylor

problem: with social media outlets such as facebook along with digital photo sites such as kodak gallery being so prominent, several of us, myself included, lost the routine of actually printing out photos and even more so, pulling it together in a somewhat creative fashion. solution: crafted by taylor. these hand crafted books are distinctively unique and certainly differentiate themselves from traditional scrapbooks. to start, standard paper is replaced with none other than lunch paper bags which allow a pull out of your choice of either a favorite quote, memorabilia, keepsake, or photo. every aspect ranging from the embellishments, photo positioning, paper, fonts, down to the ribbon, are all perfectly crafted together in a treasured bundle that will be hard to put down. with a keen vision and attention to detail, get ready to have your memories transformed into creative bits of art; one page at a time...