Monday, May 9, 2011

rose {gold} parade

as trendy as the michael kors watches have become, the rose gold edition is making me want to hop on the bandwagon. although the blush hued precious metal was initially popularized centuries ago, it seems as though a surge of rose gold accessories are now making a welcoming comeback. whether it is the vintage looking appeal or simply a departure from the standard gold / silver options, this parade is certainly a rose-y trend of the moment...

1. michael kors runway watch
2. two lips rosie sandal
3. shyan afshar ring
4. tiffany key necklace
5. halston heritage pleated silk dress
6. steve madden bmercy tote
7. steve madden aviator
8. amy tavern thin rings


  1. I didn't know he made a rose gold version! Love it :)

  2. i loooove rose gold! great post. xx

  3. Love rose gold, I have the michael kors rose gold watch! Great photos, and layout!


  4. Love rose gold too. Have you seen the Russian gold? It's a lovely rose hue as well... great post!

  5. i am over the moon for that dress! it is beautiful.