Sunday, December 5, 2010

LA spots: sushi

there are not too many foods you can eat constantly without feeling an overkill. sushi is certainly at the top of this list. ...everything from the way that it is presented to its bite size portions, eclectic variety, and most of all the fact that it does not put you in a dreadful food coma afterwards. in LA, there are as many sushi spots as nail salons and starbucks. of course, katana and katsuya are safe choices for food and ambiance, the following options steer away from the pretentious vibe and are more sensitive on the wallet. here are the ones that made it to the top of LA spots: sushi edition.

tatsuki - spicy tuna heaven. one of the first sushi establishments in the san fernando valley, this quaint spot will have you craving for all things spicy tuna. must try: spicy tuna cut roll (not your typical), gorgeous roll

shibuya - this calabasas spot that has about a mere 20 seats does not take reservations and is always packed. although i have only been once, it is clear to see what the hype is about. must try: albacore sushi. melts in your mouth.

chiba - dont be alarmed by the location. this hidden gem tucked away in a shopping center near saticoy and coldwater canyon is known for its unbeatable quality. been around for years, once you discover this place, you become a fan. must try: kb2 roll, salmon roe with quail egg

fat fish - extended happy hour is an added bonus at this west hollywood sushi spot that is always sure to be packed with locals and after-work groups. must try: tuna tar tar, baked salmon hand roll

miru - located in a strip mall in beverly hills, miru offers happy hour until 9:30 and has an extensive sushi menu with a long list of specialty rolls. must try: bently, chanel, prada. yes, this place is different.

yen - two words: mushroom poppers.

Friday, December 3, 2010

weekend wonder words

one of the best questions i have heard in a while...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

ever transformable room

speaking from experience, sometimes it seems impossible to fit more than a bed and a few furniture pieces into a confined space without making it look too cluttered and even smaller than it actually is. imagine living in hong kong where a few hundred square feet apartment is the norm and yet extremely expensive. no one has maximized on the circumstance more than the self proclaimed "domestic transformer". with a mere 344 square feet, gary chang managed to achieve a whopping 24 different rooms - all by just sliding panels and walls. this architect takes utilizing every inch to the next level. hammock included.