Monday, September 27, 2010

we can work it out

there was a time i was terrified of interviews or formal meetings. not due to my nerves, but more so of the dreadful stare into my dismal closet which lacked the right mix of professional outfits. most of the combinations turned out to be too much, too little, stuffy, uncomfortable, or as if i was wearing my mothers hand me downs. when all else fails and you go through several 'dont's', ive learned you can never go wrong with the "all-black" approach and other work staples such as the high waisted pant, pencil skirt, collared work dress, and the quintessential blazer. these looks exemplify the perfect mix of work chic, class, and comfort - so we can all learn to just 'work it out'

images via the office stylist, glamourai & elle

Friday, September 24, 2010

weekend wonder words

although the busy week may have prevented daily posts, luckily friday always allows for some weekend wonder words. this one by the amazing and talented matthew scott drake.

Today is now, what was your tomorrow..
and Today is now, what will be your yesterday.
Live your Today so that your tomorrow would have been worth looking forward to..
and live your Today so that your yesterday is worth rememberin

- matthew scott drake

Monday, September 20, 2010

fashion stills at sofitel

if you need a break from your daily mayhem, slip into the cool confines of the Sofitel Hotel to check out "Fashion Stills," a touring exhibit of never-before-seen images of intimate moments from the world of "haute couture". The show, which features work by world renowned photographers Derek Hudson, Cathleen Naundorf, Jean-Marie Périer and Gérard Uféras, launched last Thursday and will be on display through October 31. Sofitel Los Angeles will be the last and final stop on the Fashion Stills US tour so make it a point to get a glimpse of these fashion stills while you can...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

the art of food...

...literally. these scenes were created entirely from food. take a close look.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

local gem: sara marco

in a block filled with pricey casuals and designer goods aka celebrity filled robertson blvd enters sara marco - a boutique that focuses on all things stylish and on- trend yet eclectic and unique. best of all, the prices are unbeatable compared to the neighboring shops. when you offer a wide assortment of must- have fashion items wearable from day to night, adorable accessories ranging from custom made jewelry, hats, scarves, shoes, and more, and even throw in some of- the- moment art pieces in an uber chic environment coupled with affordable prices, it makes for a winning fashionista formula that is certainly hard to resist!

sara marco boutique
8811 alden dr @ robertson
los angeles 90048

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

spend/save mashup

mashing up this time are two similar versions of the pearl bow necklace...

would you rather:

spend: lanvin brass bead choker - $800
save: ann taylor pearl cluster ribbon bow necklace - $8 (on sale!)

Monday, September 13, 2010

goodbye mtv, hello google?

the days of standard music videos are long gone. case in point: arcade fire's new web music video "the wilderness downtown" welcome to a world of cutting edge entertainment as you experience a glimpse of internet technology like never before. without divulging all the details, the video takes you to a familiar place only you would know as it is a custom generated music video created just for you. goodbye mtv, hello google chrome.

after you have experienced the video, listen to a conversation with the google visionaries and director below:

Thursday, September 9, 2010


a magazine clipping or glimpse of an inspiring interior can certainly make you envision how you want to re-decorate and improve your own space. when a friend of mine handed me over a catalog for brocade home, i instantly knew the look i was striving for. surprisingly, it was that combined with a magazine clipping (above) i was holding on to for years of none other than the interior of the los angeles based kate somerville spa that got me headed for all things neutral (mainly white), chic, modern, and a minute hint of color.

for the creative minds: do-it-yourself decanter lights will warm up any space with a unique yet stunning touch

last 2 images via the lovely: fuji files

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

prints charming

although my wardrobe has almost become synonymous with the color black, lately i have been drawn to several print pieces. inspired by this post, i have decided to incorporate more prints and splashes of color into my daily outfits which is a far departure from my norm. luckily, everywhere i look, i see prints have invaded the racks, which makes it quite easy to mix it up this season.

1. Karen Millen Feather Print Dress
2. Milly Rope Tank Dress
3. T-Bags Jersey Maxi Halter Dress
4. All Saints Tye Dye Top

Monday, September 6, 2010

worth watching: {what would you do}

imagine this hypothetical scenario: you are leisurely strolling down the street when you observe a professionally clad young woman faint on the sidewalk. do you stop and assist? i would presume most would answer yes. but would you have the same reaction if it were a grungy, older looking man? taking a rest from the mindless entertainment that is on TV lately, i came across an extremely insightful and eye-opening show on ABC called What Would You Do? this ethical dilemma series puts the general public on the spot in several hidden camera social experiments to test their reactions. from a group of college students partaking in humiliating act of hazing in a busy intersection, a loud obnoxious person on their cell phone in a restaurant, out of control toddlers at a (non-children) movie, to sexual harassment, racism, and other everyday occurrences, the results are simply mind-blowing and puts real life scenarios in perspective and really makes you take an inner look and wonder...what would you do?