Wednesday, March 30, 2011

invisible man

now you see him, now you dont. the talented lui bolin that is. in his collection titled "hiding in the city", this chinese artist manages to camouflage himself in essentially any surrounding, from graffiti on a wall to a supermarket aisle to brick & rubbish. after working up to 10 hours on perfecting a single photo, his work is so detailed and believable that passer by's dont realize he is there until he makes slight movement. these images sure take "where's waldo" to a whole new level. the reasoning on how & why he started is just as interesting as his art: in 2005, the government shut down his art studio so this is in an effort of "not fitting in to modern society" and a protest against the action of the chinese authorities. rebel on, invisible man.

Monday, March 28, 2011

color me good: nail color gel

it is no surprise that manicures last a mere few days and sometimes dont even manage to get into the car in a chip-less manner. i heard about a new service nearly all nail salons are now offering called color gel that lasts for an average of two weeks so curiosity made me try it immediately. after countless encounters with your hands entrenched in water, this nail application will remain flawless. the process involves two coats of polish applied one nail at a time and placed under an ultraviolet light before the top coat is applied. it runs for a little bit more than the average manicure and takes about an hour but this outlasting shiny perfection will prove to you that the extra dime and time was very well spent...