Thursday, April 28, 2011

sss: small space solutions

lets face it: not everyone can execute sss like gary chang. when i first walked into my then empty would be studio i scratched my head at what i can possibly fit into the diminutive place without it looking cluttered and constantly messy. with the help of several sites, such as apartment therapy, it proved that there are a myriad of creative possibilities especially when you have the least amount of square footage to work with. you truly learn the meaning of maximizing every inch and adore all products with built in storage. from the compilation of interiorspiration clippings, here are the ones that stuck out the most for sss that fused creativity and functionality...

{ladder accessible top to bottom shelves with a curtain}
{ample shelf space adorned with frames and decor to keep it aesthetically pleasing} {tucked in seating when not in use + storage ottoman}
{walk in closet converted into a bed, storage on top + below}
{glimpses of my sss attempt...}


  1. lovely inspirations!!

    stop by sometime<3

  2. You did an amazing job Tali, not just an attempt!


    The Office Stylist

  3. Super cute blog. Love all of these rooms. Very inspiring!


  4. i am all about maximizing every inch of space, great inspiration!

  5. I'm about to move into a small(ish) space and I'm so inspired by how well these spaces are organized, yet they still are aesthetically pleasing! xoxo Marissa

  6. Wow, amazing! I especially love the 3rd picture, I want that! I can just imagine all the shoes I can put in there!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


  7. small spaces can be challenging so these are great inspirations. i love the decor in your place as well. xx

  8. Your couch is gorgeous! Solid attempt!