Wednesday, June 30, 2010


the items you tote around daily in your beloved bag always seem to change with the season. being in socal, sunglasses are a year-round staple. for the most part i have been anti carrying around a large suitcase looking bag for fear i wont find a thing once i dig my hands in there. in an attempt to narrow it down to the basics here is my version of baggable:

- wallet (the invasion of the credit cards)
- blackberry (although the iphone 4 has surprisingly tempted me)
- pen & paper (always come in handy)
- eyeglasses (yes yes, havent converted to contacts yet!)
- playing cards (dont laugh, i might 'bag' them out)
- lip balm
- mints & gum
- lotion & perfume
- hair clip

what I should probably add:

- camera
- snacks
- ipod (confession: never owned one)

what is your version of baggable?


  1. What a cute post !! I can't believe you've never had an iPod but I need to learn more from you and keep just the basics, since i tend to over pack in my "suitcase" looking bag !

  2. oh yes! hair clip is very important for me!

  3. You're better than I am! I find myself putting more and more stuff in my bag - and then my back starts to hurt! I desperately need to clean mine out....

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  5. oh, don't get me going. I have a basket on my wheelchair, and it has a habit of always collecting things! :)

    Great blog, btw!

  6. great post, love it all


    D E G A I N E

  7. Most of that...minus the playing cards, plus lipglosses, bandaids, etc lol

  8. Love this! I keep a deck in my bag at all times! And am always glad I did!

  9. not yet! im hoping i will get a pre-loaded one for my birthday ;)