Wednesday, March 30, 2011

invisible man

now you see him, now you dont. the talented lui bolin that is. in his collection titled "hiding in the city", this chinese artist manages to camouflage himself in essentially any surrounding, from graffiti on a wall to a supermarket aisle to brick & rubbish. after working up to 10 hours on perfecting a single photo, his work is so detailed and believable that passer by's dont realize he is there until he makes slight movement. these images sure take "where's waldo" to a whole new level. the reasoning on how & why he started is just as interesting as his art: in 2005, the government shut down his art studio so this is in an effort of "not fitting in to modern society" and a protest against the action of the chinese authorities. rebel on, invisible man.


  1. wow!this take are to a whole other level, so crative and talented

  2. wow! this takes art to a whole other level, so creative and talented

  3. Awesome! My brother is thanking you for these ones, he loved them!

    <3 Cess O.
    The Outfit Diaries

  4. Thank's so much for the comment on my blog post hun, be great if we could follow eachother?
    I love these pictures, I remember seeing similar ones a few years ago. They are awsome.
    Elle xxxx

  5. that's so fun. i didn't know about this so thanks for sharing
    nice blog.
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    wish you a great week(soon end)

  6. This one of the most creative things I have seen in a while. Thanks for sharing :)


  7. I know!! Isn't this amazing!!