Sunday, May 22, 2011

blue jean baby {no more}

there was once a time where blue jeans were the main staple denim in a closet. no more. lately the surge of colored jeans have added a splash of color to the everyday wardrobe. i've started off with a conservative white, moved on to a red pair and hoping to soon graduate to another bold/bright option. paired with a simple solid tee , this bright trend will leave you craving for every color in the rainbow. sorry elton, blue jean baby no more.


  1. i've been searching for these color pants at zara but they never have my size!

  2. i recently added a red pair too! before that my main color was nyc-black! xo bb

  3. been loving bright colored pants lately just got the greatest pair from zara xx

  4. Colored jeans are always so fun, but I've been barely brave enough to venture to them. The most I've done is light pink jeans.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!