Monday, June 28, 2010

summer scarfin'

some seasonal trends seem like a disconnect. take scarves in the summer for example. one would wonder why would you wear an accessory that is intended to keep you warm during the warmest season yet? however summer scarves are super light, thin, and the patterns spruce up any basic tee or dress. not to mention, there are multiple ways to wear them, not just bunched around the neckline. anthropologie has several breezy options to choose from but after the mall run i did this weekend, I noticed nearly every store was summer scarfin'


  1. I really want a scarf with flower prints, but can't find any... =(

    They're all beautiful!


  2. i love scarves!! no matter when!! :)

  3. buh I sent you a comment but it didn't work or something. But was I said was; Thank you so much for your comment! I had an internship for half a year with a Dutch magazine and I had to make an internship report, but I decided to make a game of it! So now you understand it a little bit haha.
    PS: Love scarf number 3!!

  4. so good to hear from you!! have been checkin' in to see what's up and was so happy to see your comment. oh yeah - pass the studs. clearly i've got a wee bit of love.

    now about the scarves. okay. i'm normally a scarf in the winter girl here in socal, but given all the great colors and light fabrics could totally do a few summer ones as well. i have one in the closet and need to drag it out for a whirl.

    ps - but with the weather lately i could probably wear a freaking winter one!!!

  5. I love to wear it as a turban- band on my head. To etnic and cool way to add some attitude. Not to mention all the nice bows you can make from it:D

    Thanks for your sweet comment!
    feel free to stop by again soon!

    xx T

  6. I've been in need of something for summer, and a scarf may be just it! These are amazing.

    xo marcie

  7. I love scarfs all season! I just bought 3! (I have started a scarf collection from each time I travel!) I am so excited to wear them and show them off :)
    P.S. Thanks for your comment, and would you mind explaining the stunt thing for King Kong on your above post?

  8. I've been wearing scarfs this summer... they are kinda nice when you go inside and it gets chilly!

  9. thank you all for your comments!

    this free bird - i know, what is going on with this weather?!

    anna walker - the king kong post you were referring to was a marketing method the folks behind universal studios decided to use to promote the new ride they are doing. a way to get everyone talking about it and it worked!

  10. These are beautiful and scarfs just seem to give an outfit that extra pop of color or "wow" factor to an outfit. As long as it's not 90degress I have no problem wearing one!