Wednesday, June 2, 2010

running on empty

similiar to the bike jam post, it is hard to imagine LA without so many cars. ross ching did just that and asked himself "what would the scene look like if everyone's car dissapeared?" the result lies in a time lapse video he created, appropriately titled, running on empty.

there has been some mixed reactions. does this hypothetical scenario strike you as surreal and peaceful or somewhat eerie?

Running on Empty from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

quite interesting to read the process of his project as well.


  1. That is so interesting!!! I have to check this out..Thanks so much for sharing...Kisses and I hope you are having a great day:)
    Kisses darling

  2. Hello!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway on! I will continue to check out your blog!


  3. life in LA without cars would be amazzzing!

  4. wow, neat video. how quiet it would be w/no cars! but yes, it also seems slightly eerie to me - there are SUPPOSED to be cars in a city, so it reminds me of scenes from Stephen King's The Langoliers or a creepy movie like that...but I love creative things like this. thnx for sharing!

  5. how cool is that?! love the first bit with the traffic lights.

  6. LA is really built to be biked, don't you think!
    flat... great weather... It'd be perfect.

  7. o i think that would be amazing! did you see the bike jame post? how incredible would it be if LA hopped on board